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Chrsitof Niederberger
Christof Niederberger
CEO of Tri-On Gmbh,
Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce our new advertising product MultiSit by Tri-On.

MultiSit is an elegant, clean looking and durable seat serving three functions in one - sitting, fencing and advertising.

I believe we succeeded in recognizing a gap in the advertising industry market and came up with a very simple, efficient and money making solution amortizing your reasonable initial investment. Each client is unique to us and we are happy to produce a standard MultiSit or eventually build a customized package and deliver our quality goods in a timely manner.

We build strong relationships with our clients ensuring all aspects of their company needs are met in the final product.

Come and discuss your business needs with us and explore your marketing investment return with MultiSit.

Yours truly,

Christof Niederberger
Christof Niederberger
CEO of Tri-On Gmbh, Austria