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MultiSit in detail

MultiSit is a very simple, durable & efficient public seat that makes money on advertising. Its 3 basic functions are - sitting, fencing, advertising.


Elegant, maintenance free and effective sitting arrangements for public and business areas. Made for a short time seating and safe use. Emphasis is put especially on keeping the streets and surrounded areas clean and elegant, also creating an additional, long lasting infrastructure.


When arranged in a row, MultiSit serves as an efficient and message caring fence, easy to direct pedestrian traffic to specific locations. Convenient for places that have been previously unable to offer seating due to the lack of space. Possibility of using an illuminating feature to light up the areas of interest at night and also as a visible indicator of paths and barriers.

Advertising / Announcement Medium

MultiSit offers new advertising surface with elegant and creative finish. Unique approach to advertising imagery is encouraged with a creative seat positioning. MultiSit’s innovating and contemporary designed advertising surface is weather protected and stores no waste.


Rotary Joint

The materials used for the maintenance-free MultiSit proved to be unbeatable in any weather and resistant to natural damage. They offer corrosion protection and durability. Strong rotary joints are made of die-cast aluminum AISiMg7.

MultiSit Materials

Pipe and Profile Frame

Black steel galvanized with textured powdercoat proved to be the MultiSit material of choice and efficient durability. RAL color selection transforms the MultiSit surface according to your specifications.
(*high quality stainless steel, can be used as a more expensive alternative to black steel)

Sitting Area

Filled with a transparent polycarbonate sheet which is heat and impact resistant. Advertising interior is formed by a robust core of Porocell glued onto aluminum sheets.

RAL Color Choices

Official RAL Color System of many choices is used for defining standard colors for paint and coating.

Available Colors

We are able to produce Multisit in any of the RAL colors according to customer needs.