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MultiSit, in detailMultiSit, shapes & designsMultiSit, get your money backMultiSit, idea made to workMultiSit, made by Tri-On

Idea Made To Work - reality in practice

MultiSit brings you to the best business company in town. MultiSit is the best solution for public seating. 3 functions in one guarantee that no space is left unnoticed.

Sitting, fencing, advertising - ingeniously simple and effective

MultiSit with REMAX advertisment MultiSit with ATLAS advertisment MultiSit sitting experience MultiSit with ZIPPO advertisment MultiSit with EQUAZEN advertisment MultiSit with EURO2012 advertisment MultiSit with HOQ advertisment MultiSit for bus stations in Malta MultiSit with Mc Donalds advertisment MultiSit with MISURA advertisment