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MultiSit made by Tri-On - expanding ideas

MultiSit - brand is planned as a product line with an expandable modular system. In addition to the MultiSit , the MultiSit bicycle stand is also available for a secure storage of bicycles. Supplementary products are currently in a development stage, such as the MultiSit waste container and the MultiSit work table.

MultiSit Worldwide - family in progress

Additional features will include the MultiSit L (L for light): with an illuminated advertising surface, along with the MultiSit A (A for animation): with an animated, illuminated advertising surface.

MultiSit DIN-A2

MultiSit DIN-A2 will offer advertising surfaces in the DIN format - with a standardized advertising surface in a DIN A2 format, available in an illuminated and animated version.

MultiSit Bicycle Stand

MultiSit Bicycle Stand is a natural choice accompanying public seating arrangements.